Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, Jeff and i have returned from Las Vegas. it was a good trip. a slight delay getting out there via Cincinatti but just by a couple hours. we landed to 41 degrees. as the days progressed it got warmer but still maxed our at about 58. it was still better than the single digit temps that greeted us upon our arrival home. that sucked! we saw the Hoover dam while we were out there. i can assure you, it is a big cement wall that holds a lot of water. impressive, yes. i don't know that i need to see it again, but i am glad that i saw it. cement...check. water...check. surrounded by lots of rocks and mountains...check, check. we also saw Mamma Mia, the show with all the ABBA music. It was actually pretty good. it wasn't my choice but it was free and we got 4th row tickets. i have no complaints. no, i am not a dancing queen, thank you very much! This was my second trip and Jeff's 10th. we went to a couple of casinos that we didn't see last time. we went to the Hard Rock casino were i left with 1 dollar more than i arrived with. I TOTALLY TOOK THAT PLACE!!!! any whoo, it is a small casino but they do have a lot of great displays. the highlight was a guitar signed by Pearl Jam and a Craviotto drumset signed and used by The Killers drummer, Ronnie Vannucci. Red Sparkle, beautiful. we also managed to pick a good week to go because it was the official openning of the Palazzo, which is super nice. BIG BUCKS we both got limited edition chips for the openning. kinda cool. not everyday you get to walk into a casino the day it opens. there was a "soft opening" a little before so you could walk in but not do a whole lot. there were still guys painting the day before it opened. we took a ton of pictures on the trip (apparently over 300) but we used Jeff's fancy camera's so at this point i have no pics. Jeff site has a couple here. we stayed out late about every night, 5am, 5 am, 2 am and midnight before getting up at 4 to get to the airport. all in all, great trip. i only lost maybe $20 of my own money so that was another bonus. i am not a real gambler, but i did find a couple games that i really liked but it was to rich for my blood to put down $25 a hand so i'll stick to free online practice. that it for now, Curt is gone for the week so it's like a free vacation. i did return to work to find that i had recieved a bonus (one that i was going to ask for but then had a major "opps!" and decided not to ask for) and so i tweaked my 401k and re-allocated some moneys. that was kind of fun. i don't see how people can play around in the stock market. 401k is pretty small stuff. i'm not a gambler, but the stock market scares the crap out of me. Later all!

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