Thursday, August 16, 2007

You lookin' at me?!?!?!!

hey all. it's been a while. can't say that i have a lot to report. Elizabeth got Netflix subscription for her birthday from her mother. the newest movie that we got was "Ray" which i wanted to see, but don't really care for Jamie Foxx. i have not finished, but man this has been great so far. i must admit that Mr. Foxx is a great choice. he really pulls it off well. so far all the acting in the movie is really quite good. you dont' realize all the songs that he did or wrote. with all this jazz that i have been listening to this movie is really hitting the spot. i have been working on a setlist and have been tweaking my drumset for practice, although i have yet to be able to get down stairs TO practice. thinking about taking my second kit and sticking it out in the garage for some after hours practicing. i will have to do some rearranging in the garage i think to fit a kit out there with a car. we'll see. well, thats all i got for now. later all.


Jeff Kamp said...

Ray is a great movie. I see you have a site meter....Mr. Fancypants!!!

brent said...

i must know where my fan base is. thanks Mom and Dad.