Monday, August 20, 2007

Maxwell Lemuel Roach 1924-2007

As big into my jazz kick that i have been, the guy that i have always liked the best has been Max Roach. i have no idea what it is about him that i like better than others, but with out question, since i was in high school and being forced to listen to this crap called "jazz" by Jeff when all i wanted to listen to was Led Zeppelin, Max has been my man. well on the odd happening that i was reading the Elkhart Truth (i never read the paper) the section that i happened to pick up was whatever happened to have the obituaries. i see this little article that said the Max had passed away. seems like i went years and nobody i really knew died and all of a sudden, this year people are dying all the time. it is really NOT cool. well i don't really have to much more to say than that right now.

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