Tuesday, August 21, 2007

pics i found and never posted about.

here it is. many a pic that i never got to comment on. first, the finger drums. if i had these, nothing would get done at work. well, more of nothing. To the right, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. maybe i posted this. Still a great shot of a great guitar player.

Okay. Yes, the Spice Girls are back. How much happier could i be. I just don't know. Below this is the bell of a Pedler and Sons trumpet. Pedler is Elizabeth's maiden name. I have always found this interesting. this must be her Great, great great grandfather. eventually they sold out to Conn.

Next is a drummer Brian Blade. Love what this guy does on as little as he uses. Check the size of the kick drum. 15" dia. by 12" deep. that is TINY. Far right is the same cymbal that i have out from Doug's on trial. after playing on it, it is great for Jazz. it has 2 rivets. MOVING ON!

Next are 3 great shots. One is the racing version of an Aston Martin. this is what i will buy when Rob wins the lottery and Jeff is a Floor Boss at the Bellagio in Vegas. Thanks again guy's. the Far pic is a painting i found on Flickr of John Bonham, the drummer for Led Zeppelin. The next is the crazy odd creation of Paris Hilton and her dog. I don't get it but hey, this was a big attraction, so it must be "art".

Well i think that is all that i have to show for now. Other updates, E and I were invited by another couple to join at the grand opening at Ruth's Chris Steak House that opening in Mishawaka. It was great. Let me say this one thing. 4 people, $358 with tip. thank you Dexter Corp. Not a penny out of my pocket. That is living. We had a great time and i think that it would have been just as fun if we went to Taco Bell. Man i love Taco Bell.
Peace, I'm outta here!!!!!


Stacy said...

We had T-Bell for dinner last night! :)
It appears that your sitemeter is working...hmmm, no Europeans yet.

brent said...

yes i do. i had a German last night. Berlin i do believe. (i thik i had mine first). now with that said, i'm off to go confirm my rightness.

brent said...

Oh heck, when you have as many visitors as i do, it's hard to keep up. mine was enthraled in my blog 24 hours before some Spainyard even thought about your blog. i'm a winner. yeah yeah, so are you.