Monday, August 06, 2007

band developments

Hello all. long time since i have written. it has been a wild and crazy ride at work and that has stopped me from blogging lately. things seems to have been all forgotten so lets get back on track, shall we? well on Saturday morning, i had practice with Brian and the new guy who is doing very little for me anymore. i had told Brian the day before that i was loosing intrest so i thought that this was going to be my last practice. he was feeling the same way so we decided to get together one more time to findout if Vince could sell it to us one more time. Saturday we got together, and he didn't. in fact, it was worthless. that night Brian was going to call him and tell him that it is all over. i told brian that i had e-mailed Jason Sappen, who is the main man in Blammo and has his own side band, the Jason Sapen Band, who has a drummer, but he is in P.S. Dump Your Boyfriend so he is not available on weekends, which JSB doesn't do to many of, but that is what i am looking for. i have been in 2 professional practicing bands and i can't really afford the time or reasoning to be in another one. so i had e-mailed him to see if he was looking anymore to find a weekend drummer. nice things is that they are already established and i have played with all these guys from sitting in or opening through other bands (makes me sound really experienced doesn't it) so i got that goign for me, which is nice. well that e-mail went out about a week ago and i never heard anything. i wasn't going to say anything to Brian but ended up doing so. well he spent all weekend with the Blammo guys and brought it up to Jason. Brian texted me the other night saying that he told Sapen, and that he sounded pretty interested, so we will have to see if anything becomes of that. i almost doubt it. now, on to band 2. talkeing with Brian, he really wants to do something. I really want to do something. Jeff wants to do something so i am in the prosess of getting a Jazz trio figured out. it would be hard to sell us, but i think that there are about 4 places that we can get into. nice things, no vocals. intreamental only. Jeff and I went to see Brandford Marsalis and that was a great experience for me. that is how i want to do a jazz trio (he was a quartet but still) kind of a eye opening moment to see how easy you can go and sound like a million bucks. so who knows. it's all in development. check in later to hear more about the polka band i am brainstorming on. been doinga lot of research on Jazz drumsticks and ride cymbals. may have to go shopping at Dougie's to try somethings out. God love that man.

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