Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today is June 12th, 2007. here is what is happening

greetings and hello. my name is Brent, and i have a problem. i just don't want to be working right now. don't get me wrong, i like my job, it's just that i really would rather be at home today. i know that yesterday was rough on Elizabeth who is having a birthday tomorrow and party tonight. Elizabeth did just call me and tell me that the results from the EKG that they did on Marley last Friday came back. our pediatric doctor is not in this week but they said that there was a post it note on the folder saying that everything looked normal. we will probably get a more in depth answer next week when Dr. Reed comes back in, but for now, we know that she is doing just fine. for those who were not informed of the procedure, it was checking on a heart murmur. it sounds like it is all going to be fine. i would like to thank Angie, Trevor's girlie, for the handy wipe seen above that came from Hooters. this is one of my favorite sayings when the time is right. Obviously, i change the number all the time. i am normally in the 70's. so Jeff ask's me yesterday, "what is happening on the band front?" i reply that i havn't really heard anything positive or much at all really. then last night i get a call, well 3 calls, with one voicemail from Brian saying that we have a singer. Male. that is all that i know. they want to practice on Monday. i have to call Brian today to get more info. i presume it is the guy they have called "Mike". we have talked of this "Mike" before but i know nothing of him. i look forward to getting back to playing. Especially now that i have Rob's snare to show off. that is one sweet machine. It will have to compete for basket time with Penny more than anything but having 2 kits, they will see themselves fitted in a kit no doubt. Penny will probably be fited to the Gretch and Bloodshot to the Pearl. i know many of you will be very conserned in this matter. i will keep you all informed. stay calm.

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