Monday, June 04, 2007

Perhaps, one of the biggest shocks of my life!!!!!!

Hello to all. I have been blessed. Okay, first off, the baby is doing great. When she's happy, she's asleep, when she's mad, you want to be asleep. an this too shall pass. So this weekend was the rehersal dinner, 5k run and the big weddin' for Rob and Stacy. Okay. rehersal... everything went well. not much to report really. We went to BW3's and discovered that they had not done anything for our dinner for 30 people so Doug got some people, moved so other people and we had our shin dig. So Rob starts handing out gifts. I sat with the McDowells and Rob sat down by me with his huge bag o'gifts and hands Craig his gift. Very nice little gift card to Lowe's. Rob stands up and goes over to sit on Craig's side of the table. I thought it was a little odd that he didn't hand me mine to open, and Rob says, "well open it!" I am sure i looked really smart and said something to the effect of "what?" He said that is your gift and i think i said "The whole thing?" as you can tell, i was not savy to what was going on at ALL!!!! So i start pulling tissue paper out of a Bed Bath and Beyond shopping bag and of course, shoving it down my shirt (because i always like to impress others with my good ideas. THEN I HIT SOMETHING. WHAT...WAIT....THAT WAS A TUBE LUGS. i looked at Rob so fast i hurt my neck. i looked a round and noticed that EVERYONE was watching me. i knew then that i was the ONLY person under the sun that didn't know what was going on. My first thought was that it was Doug's Acryilc Demo and i wouldn't have been able to keep it. It is to great of a drum in my power. As i keep pulling trash bags and eventually a T shirt, i see the most amazing snare drum that i have EVER laid eye's on. This was a Red 8ply keller Maple 7x13. Now let me me detailed. 8 ply Maple, not 10 to me, it was have a little more tone and not as tight the shell will resonate a lot more. 7x13 is what Doug's snare is that i love and after i had started buildign Penny, i was down a bit that i didn't do that size. Rob put the clear Nickleworks stainer on this and that is an amazing strainer. when i built Penny, i used the Dunnet and really didn't know if i would like it so i left the holes to mount it at the same distance that the Nickleworks fit in at so i knew if i hated it, i could switch with out having to redrill. Now, when i say that it is Red, that is a boring desription of Red. This is a color Rob and had found a i LOVED. it is border line Candy Apple but has the slickest Silver Metallic tribal going around it. Rob's finishes are so much better than what i do. he has patience. Now i don't think that i build a bad snare, but to look at his and the detail work that he put in it compared to mine, you can't even compare them. this has the smoothest finish on it, i can't tell you what to compare it to other than glass. This thing is CRAZY looking. It has the heads that i like, it has a amazing set of wires on it, that i honestly, NEVER would have picked out. This was such a shock to me. I do NOT go speechless very often, but this one had me HARD. After i come to, i have been informed that Rob has had a blog going for sometime about this. i thought it was really odd that he never had one. i razzed him for ages about doing one. Stacy started one and to find out that everyone knew but me....holy crap. he got me good. i have the intention to take the bottom head off and have Rob sign and number the inside. I have intended on doing that with mine when i get to it and need to take the bottom head off. i hate to say that is the end of my snare story but i can't wait to see the pictures from that, because i bet i look like a real idiot. i can't thank him enough. i hope that he remembers that i have Fathers Day comeing up. i can't wait to see what he made for me then. The run and the wedding were the next day. i ran the 5k, my first organized run with a chip time of 34:52. the guy that won it did it in 15:15. it was fun. i finished. i walked twice. i look forward to doing more and bettering my time. i then picked up the BMW and was very impressed with that. the 650i is an impressinve machine. took the snare over to Doug's when i went to get Rob there and got to play and hear it be played and am very very pleased and i hope that Rob is. This is a snare that will never leave my ownership. Rob has told me that he already has ideas to build more and i can't wait to hear about them. Rob has been building a guitar for i would guess 4 years now and there is something about doing a snare that it is quicker and just as fulfilling. i hope that we colaborate on some. the Wedding was great, but i am a little dissapointed in Etter for forgetting the beer. I know she feels very guilty about it. You'll get them next time Etter. Keep your head up. Any whoo, the wedding was great. rain stopped 45 min before kickoff and it was a very nice wedding. I did give my best man's speech and i got great reviews so i hope that i did my job well. to find Rob's blog so i can read it and add it to my favorites. Robby, thanks again!


Grant said...

Awesome speech, if you have it typed out, Pete J would like to read it.

Stacy said...

It's eTTer...not eDDer...just FYI. :)

Craig said...

I think she means it!