Monday, June 25, 2007

it's time for your debriefing.

Hello all. great to see you again. you've been missed. so here is what is shakin in E-town. ummmm..... well.......huh. the wrist is still feeling quite good. Cortizone. big fan. good times. Saturday evening E and I went out with Craig and Stacy to Hoolihan's. i bet thats not how you spell it, but i don't seem to care enough to go check, so that is how you are getting it. Either way it was good to get out for a meal, without kids. Good ole' ma and pa watched to kids and then we went back and picked up Marley and Layla got to stay the night. Sunday i then had band practice at 1. or so i thought. Brian, the bass player and mother figure of the band, told me that he talked to Shawn Monday and Wednesday and that he was bringing out 2 singers. 1 guy, 1 girl. i arrived at 1. Brian was there. I did get to play the snare that Robbie built me. beautiful! totally different sound than "Penny". Has a lot more crack to the sound. Anyways they never showed up. i think this has been a long time coming for some reason. i also can't quite get myself to really care. i love playing in bands. Thick Toez rule!!!!!!!!! i just hate all the crap that comes along with it. to find a band that has responsible people in it is always impressive. the nice thing is that Brian doesn't care that i don't care. i let him do all the leg work and show up to practice. He put in an ad in the newspaper for a guitar player and we have had 3 calls from guys that are all singers/guitarists so next Sunday we will audition the first one. i wanted 2 of them to come out together but i guess one guy works on Sunday and i don't want to have to practice on Saturdays. maybe this third guy can come too. who knows. so when i left practice on Sunday i brought home some of my Pearl kit so i can start to refinish it. the Blue velvet is falling off is some places. i stripped down to the wood, but really havn't thought about what to finish them in yet. i will be brain storming for a while. i have lots of old countertop here that i thought could look cool, but we'll have to see. Also wondered how thin Jeff could get Stainless Steel that i could wrap around the shells, but i really dont' want to spend money on this, so we will see what we can come up with. spray paint looks good, but can get pricey after while. With the countertop material like the one shown here, i can get them in a gloss finish from one of my suppliers here at Kropf. We'll see. the wood is in good condition but must be covered. it looks like crappola. i think that is all i have right now. i might post some other laminate options. tell me what you think. I the idea of doing newspaper clippings sound retarded? not sure. i think it might be. Holla!

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Stacy said...

I don't think the newspaper thing sounds stupid. In fact, here's an article on how to do's for furniture, but same principle...,1793,HGTV_3397_1373213,00.html
You should do one in all colored comics!

I'll let you know if I come up with anymore brain busters!