Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cortizone shots.....goooooood!

well i am pleased to say that i got a cortizone shot in the right wrist. i went to OSMC, orthpedic med's and waited in the main wating room for one hour. then they moved me into my own room, answered questions that i had answered only an hour ago, and waited another 40 minutes. NOT TO SHABBY!!!!!! finally the doctor came in to my room. he did appologize, not that i was that friendly about it. either way, he looked at my tendonitis. squeezed it, which i really wanted to bust his jaw. I JUST TOLD HIM IT HURT!?!?! anywhoo, he mentioned surgury as a last hope, but he suggested the shot, and iceing it. he did have much good to say about the splint that it was in. so he leaves and a nurse comes in to prep me. ahe asks where he marked me....i tell her that he did nothing of the sort. she disagrees and tells me he did. we argue, he walks in and says, "oh, i forgot to mark him." TA DA!!!!!! so they prep me and he comes at me with this 12 foot needle. he says, "don't woory, i won't use the whole thing" i'm thinking that he is taking it to the next room and using it on the next patient. no reason to toss perfectly good Cortizone?! so she sprays me with some cold spray to numb the area and i see him moving in for the kill. i look away......still........not looking........seriously...........OKAY I'M LOOKING! he's whirlling around in there with that needle like he knitting me socks! next thing i know, he used all the Cortizone, and i have this huge mound of goo under my skin, right were he shot me. he removed the large Arby's straw out of my arm and mooshes gallon of goo around my wrist. he says okay, your done!........okay.

that's it???? so do i need to keep using the splint?

ummm.... good question, it doesn't matter. i don't really like them. if you want you can.

Okay. do i need to just keep taking ibeprofin?

ummm.....good question! ummm, no, i'll give you something different. if this doens't make your stomach upset, then keep taking "this"

and "this" is?

the main ingredent in Aleve. it's strong.

okay, do i need to come back?

ummm.....if you want you can. yes.....well, no just call and let me know either way. if it worked or not.

Needless to say, it feels much better today. i did ice it last night and i think that this is the best that it has felt since May 12th. Ole' Dr. Hixs did ask (and he asked not to be offended) if it could have been something that happened at the bachelor party. ummm....NO i woke up at home, before going to that bachelor party, and it hurt. but thanks for prepping everyone for a great bachelor party story. speaking of bachelors....

My good friend Trevor Kropf is now a engaged man. Trevor and i went to Georgia last year and to Tennessee the year before that to see the University of Georgia Bulldogs play great football. He got engaged to Angie on Saturday. the date has already been set for Aug 2, 2008.

Also i want to say that i buzzed Rob's head on Saturday. fuuuuuun. he looked best with the mohawk! i bet that you can link to his blog to see pics.


Jeff Kamp said...

did doc say anything about drumming? sounds like a real winner!!!

brent said...

he really didn't give me any direction on it (surprise surprise) i feel like because of how much better it feels, i canceled band practice for Monday night and now we are going to start doing Sundays, that gives me a week to rest it, and ice it so i think that i will be okay. i will reevaluate it after i play.

Craig said...

I guess "punchin' the ol' clown" is out for awhile? Ohhhh... Sorrry!

Rob said...

I didn't build that drum so you could moan and groan about your thumb, suck it up!

Dr. Rob suggestion:
Stop playing with yourself and it'll probably heal faster.

brent said...

i'll give it one night of rest, but if thats not enough, tough crap!

Craig said...

You should listen to what Dr. Rob says.