Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Lookback

Hello all. i have been bad about updating my blog. i have no excuses. so Friday Jeff and i went up to good ole Chicago to go see the Joshua Redman Trio featuring Brandford Marsalis. We saw Brandford and his quartet last year and it was amazing. Jeff "Tain" Watts is one of my favorite jazz drummers. Thunderous power. we had no idea of who was going to be there this year. Turn out it was Greg Hutchinson. he is a very good talent. the thing that amazed me the most is how little he moves. great finger and wrist control. honestly it was not as good as last years show but i still really enjoyed it. we dined at Bennigans which isn't my favorite but i always think that i am going to like it. i got the Monte Cristo. it's good. then you eat a little more and it's okay. by the time you are 6 bites in you are ready to be done with it. i did have a Newcastle Brown Ale. That is always nice. So i was wast thrilled when the show was over we got to validate our parking so is only cost us $13.00 instead if $28.00 for 2 hours.

As Jeff and i are on the way out the door, Brian calls me saying that once again, we are needing to reschedule the recording date. we practiced last night and we are going to the studio tonight now. i am really excited. we are up to 6 songs from 4. i must say, some of Brian's material is very good i will be taking some pictures but i think that he is having someone there to do that for us. i went to Doug's Saturday night to get things dialed in and decide on what configuration i wanted to take. i will be taking.....

Gretsch Round Badge 14x20 Kick
GMS GM Series 10x10 Tom
Gretsch Round Badge 16x16 Floor Tom
Penny (my custom built 6.5x14" Maple 10 ply Snare)
Bloodshot (Rob's custom built 7x13" Maple 8 ply Snare)
and a slew of Zildjian cymbals

well off to get a couple things finished. later

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