Monday, March 10, 2008

it has been some time, but i am back!!!!

Hello all. it has been quite a while since i have blogged. Elizabeth has bounced back very well from her little spill. she was out for a couple days but it didn't slow her down much. I had a birthday. yeah me. 31. i had 43 birthday parties, just ask Elizabeth. on the Saturday after my birthday we got a group of people together at Micheal's downtown. I love it there. the best ribs in the area. so we had 10 of us get together and then most of us returned back to Casa Del Kattau for beverages and year book reminiscing. it was fun. also very surprising that we didn't whip out any boys vs. girls games to end in a heated argument where the boys are all wankers and the girls are just plain wrong. we turn into such a happy bunch when we are together. Earlier that Saturday, Rob came over and made Marley cry. then we headed over to Craig's and cut down blanks of wood for our stave snare drum project. we didn't really do anything crazy, just cut wood into smaller sections. but we got to work on it together. he didn't do all the work and then tell me about it the next day. nice to be able to contribute a bit.

i have been working on the new Brian Fisher CD. we have been practicing and he booked our studio time for March 22. i am very excited. i have recorded before but it has always been on Jeff's equipment. this time PRO TOOLS. the copy and paste of the music industry. we are doing 4 songs for now, maybe five and then i guess he has some other stuff but i have no idea when he is wanting to do that. he has a myspace page i will link and also you can find it by clicking here. it has been fun doing these songs. i was definitely worried when we started but as time has progressed, i think that he has some good material. i am also very happy to have booked Doug Lim as my drum tech. he is the best in the area and i am fortunate to have him on my friend list. i am also enjoying getting in touch with an old chum from years back. Ed Mullin's became a good friend of mine and Jeff's when i was a Hi Tech through Phil Jones. they were both in the Groovie Goolies. Ed was an amazing showman with guitar and vocal skills that backed it up. Blank Slate spent many hours figuring how he did what he did. we never figured it out. Ed was the hands down biggest fan of the Thicktoez, Jeff's and my first adventure in professional practicing bands. i have been trying to get Ed into Jeff's and my new blue's band with Andre Randle. if it doesn't work out, i am glad to talk to him again. we killed a LOT of time while i was at Hi Tech. i can't say A LOT enough. it was seriously...a LOT (bunches even)

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