Thursday, March 20, 2008

Memories of a Mustang.....

After getting a comment from Grant about the Mustang i thought i would recreate some memories or thoughts i had about the Mustang.

First i remember it was always a work in progress. Random speakers, light covers, tires, brakes, security systems that only kind of worked, fluids, rims, fans, CB's, misc. bolts and washers, foam seal and caulk but audio components were the majority. If Grant was done with it, i bought or traded something for it. When i was finished, Brad bought or traded for it. Head units, speakers, EQ's, changers, more speakers. it never ended. You never asked where things came from. that's just how it worked. you didn't want to know. Sony 6.5" 4 ways, Jensen 3.5" in the dash, don't' worry about it. It is weird that Montgomery Ward went out of business though. Oh well. Anyways... thought #2

We seemed to always be being chased or in the process of needing to chase someone, and yet, we were never caught OR caught anyone. it was the fastest 4 cylinder dressed to look like a GT this side of the Mississippi. Grant was the only friend that i had that owned a vehicle with a manual so i think that gave him a little extra "cool factor" Robbie could drive one, but had no access to one and i think that if anyone else tried to drive the Mustang, it would have blown up. SERIOUSLY.

i remember Grant taking the Mustang to a local brake place to get a new set installed and of course we KNEW they screwing with us so we had to take my Grand Prix and steal back the old brakes. sure enough they could have turned the rotors instead of putting on new ones. i don't remember what the outcome was but it was in favor of the honorable Mr. Grant Z Price.

CB's. Rob came back from Ball State with a trucker style CB and so EVERYBODY went out and bought them. we chased each other around the town with those dumb things for weeks. Nothing happened but we did get into a yelling match with some old fart in the DeCamp subdivision. STAY OFF CHANNEL 9 MAN!!!!

Another great memory was the installation of a Kenwood (always use Kenwood products gentlemen) CD Changer. well it didn't fit where G wanted it to. so we (he) came up with the idea of cutting out the arm rest in the back seat for the passenger that was made of plastic. i was hesitant, but not Mr. Cut First, Worry Second. we (he) hacked that thing off in a heartbeat and then the thing didn't fit right so we added a dab of foam seal to hold it steady. Low and behold, a masterpiece.

i remember it getting broke into at the restaurant on 33 while it rained. i think we are still chasing those people. the best story is that it was sold to some Mexicans. amen.

Grant, if you have any pics, i think the community deserves them. later all

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