Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend revisited

Welcome blog readers. again, i hope your weekend was nice. our had a rough start but turned out okay. Elizabeth had to work Friday so being a responsible mother and employee, she was preparing for the next day and taking out all the things she had to take for the girls and work. then, she fell. badly. by the time i had gotten to her she was half way in the door and half out on her right side. she had done something to her ankle. I had dad come over (the girls were asleep) and i took her to the ER. after 3 X-rays and some chipper nurse conversations and 1 fat baby sighting (seriously, this was one LARGE baby) she was sent home with a bad sprained ankle. She did score 2 Vicatin and a pair of perscriptions along with a trendy Aircast. She has been up and around and doing better. Friday she did go to work and has gotten some other cool things to help her around.

Saturday we went over to my parents and saw my sister and her family. HERE IS THE HIGH LIGHT....Geo Trax. my nephews have these and i couldn't stop playing with them. i was glad when they went off playing other things so they could leave me be. Sad but true. they were in my way. Geo Trax. simply amazing. Anyways we went to dine at Heinnie's that evening and returned for some pinnapple cake with Cream Cheese frosting. you just can't go wrong with it. it is great how well the kids get along. Layla adores her cousin Nicky, but they all do well together.

Sunday Layla and i went back over to mom and dads and the kids went off to play while i brainstormed on a bigger and better track. i was successful and then i had to go play with those darn kids. so i went into the basement and went fishing with the official CARS fishing pole. i have pretty good aim. anyways, after a while we needed to return home for lunch and to relieve E from Marley. or maybe it's the other way around? so at home we watched a movie, took some naps, had some luch, read Fancy Nancy books (their phenominal, thats a fancy word for great)

We then headed to E's sisters to meet the rest of the family. the men all have birthdays Jeff the 14th, Mike the 16th and i the 28th. so that knocks out a bunch of parties at once. it went well. the kids again did well even though this group can get a LOT wilder. i'm not sure if any kid even made any other kid shed a tear. thats a pretty good outing with them. i received some cash, gift certificates and a movie, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry. i can't wait to watch that. looks hi-Larry-ous (see what i did there).

we returned home and get everyone to bed and then i snuck out for my first meeting with Brian, my old bass player who is doing a recording of his material. i went over last night. we worked on it for about 3 hours. it's not bad stuff. i think that it needs plenty of tweaking but it can be played. it is not my style of music that i would pop in the CD player and just listen to but i am really looking forward to being in a real studio. Brian says that the studio would like me in there in 2 weeks. i am thinking that seems a little soon but i have always been apart of band s that practice 1,220,045,446,532 times and then disband. i have 3 hours into it. oh well, he's paying. if my schedules open, then okay. he has 5 songs that he wants me to do and he has a price that he will pay me per song. it's kind of exciting. last night i just took the minimal stuff. i snapped this shot last night. kick, Rob's snare, hi hats and my Christmas ride. man that thing is nice. buttery soft. Wonderful. even better than in the store. It crashes, it rides, it warms the heart.
I have not decided what to do with my birthday money. i would love to get another crash cymbal but i think that there are other things that i need more. i could really use anotherdrum throne. mine is one that i put together after buying parts on ebay. it's good, it works, but it squeaks like something really squeaky. we'll see. i might have a better idea of what i want after Wednesday night when Jeff and my new band gets together. we will have our first meeting with Andre. we still arn't sure what we are doing to a singer or guitar so we'll see what happens. thats it for now, Tah Tah!!!


Stacy said...

Awww poor E!!
We still on for Saturday?

brent said...

yup. 6 at Micheal's!