Friday, February 08, 2008

Stuff of newness....

Hello all, today, i will start with topic pertaining to my wife, who i inadvertanly seem to put last in my topics. Hello loving wife. i hope you are having a nice day away from the children. Her new Vue is really quite nice. I am surprised for some reason. I am not even embarresed to drive this one. the specs, it's a 2008 Saturn Vue XE. front wheel drive, 4 cylinder, but it's got 26 more horsepower and 9 more foot pounds (not pound feet) of torque. inside it has a much nicer feel. one cool thing is that the back seats recline. not to say that will get much use, but i suppose if i were in back and trying to catch a snooze, that would be handy to have. we tried to get a sunroof, but the new curvey roof won't allow them to put them in, so that kinda sucks. the color is Fusion Pewter, not the silver shown. the intierior is a light grey, not the sand color shown, but you get the idea. same.....but different. the best part is a REAL 4 speed trnny, not the rubberband surprise that was on the previous model. i will say the vehicle gave us no problems for the most part, but this one is built and constructed so much better. it also has 3 free months of XM radio which will be addictive when that 3 months runs out.

This weekend we have a bit of things to do. Saturday i am going Ride cymbal testing with Jeff. i have a gift certificate that has been burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas so i need to make an executive descision as to what to get. then sunday is the Preschool day at church where Layla goes to church. last year her class came out and sang 2 songs. Layla stood there and looked like she was picking her nose. that was fun. this year, maybe we can tug on underwear or something. gotta step it up. i'll let you know the good news next week. well, have a good weekend. next weekend, Chicago Auto Show. MOM: REMEMBER YOU GET THE GIRLS.

see ya.

great, now the spell chec dosne't work at alll. CRAPPE!


Mike said...

Thanks for buying a Vue! I hope you and your wife enjoy it.

PR Manager for Saturn in Detroit.

brent said...

it's not Fusion Pewter, it's Techno Grey. sorry. Fusion Pewter is a sofa color here at work. sorry for the inconvenience. PR in Detroit Rock City, helllloooooooo