Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekend Recap

I trust everyone had a good weekend. the McD's and E and I had our annual trip to Chicago. the men go to the car show and the chick's go downtown and shop. Rob and Curt have typically gone along but this year both were busy, so it was just the 4 of us. We took the Vue. it traveled very well. Plenty of room for all. i took my Garmin Nuvi 260 GPS along. it's not that we needed it as much as it's just fun to have. i think this was our 5th trip to the car show. i think that the last 3 years have been good but not very original. the Jeep / Dodge booth is impressive, but now 3 years old. if it is your first time, it's quite cool. i know we waited in line for over an hour one year. the first year. now you watch hoping to see someone get stuck or break something or throw someone out of the Jeep but it never happens. Oh well. i think the company that impressed me the most was Audi this year. i know it's a fancy VW but i like those too. this visit i knew that i was going to be shopping until my G6 GT comes due in November, but it didn't make my choices any easier. i think that i nixed the Pontiac G8 because the way i would want it, i couldn't afford. i love V8's and rear wheel drive. i still consider the Dodge Charger a contender. the SXT has a 250hp V6 and rear wheel drive. nice big car for the family. still like the Jeep 4 doors. i would get a 4 wheel drive and a convertible in the summer. nice a tough. again good room for the family. great for indiana weather. both of those i would get discounts. i still want a VW GTI. i know, i know, but they are so cool. i can get a 4 door. i could toss my drums for any gigs or whatever i would need. they have 1 less inch on the interior than the G6. with my size, it will be hard to find any car that fits the family perfect. i like the Jetta's too. soooo, we have a while before we need to worry. after the show we went and picked up our lady friends on the streets of Chicago. they came running at us with shopping bags. i think that Craig and i both paniced. all you can do is hope for the best. then we went to dine at the Weber Grill. the McD's had been thier before but it was E. and my first time there. it was quite good. i went with a Chef's recommendation of a rubbed spare rib and i should have stuck with my good old baby back ribs but they were still good. after that we returned home in the Vue. mom and dad were handleing our girls for the day so by the time we got home at 11 or so the girls were long sleep. we thanked them and were asleep quick. lots of walking, big dinner, and a long ride home. rough day. Sunday morning we got up and E made cinnamon rolls. Layla loves them. so it was a good weekend.

Next weekend should also be good. my sister comes up with the boys. we will be celebrating our birthdays. K is on the 13th and i am on the 28th. we will party it up on Saturday. then Sunday i have band practice at 2 and then another birthday party for the men on E's side of the family at 5. Jeff is on the 14th, Mike the 16th and i on the 28th. so it should be quite busy.

Band.....okay. this is another joint venture for Jeff and I. we have a bass player. Andre is a bass player from our church, Granger Community. i have met him a couple times. Jeff knows him better from being on stage band with him. this will be just a gathering to see how things go. i will be drumming and Jeff will be where ever he is needed.our ultimate goal is to lock down a guitar / singer. right now Jeff will do sax / rythm geetar or some keyboard if needed. we are wanting to do a Blues / Blues Rock band. John Mayer, John Lee Hooker, type thing. at this point Andre and i will be splitting the singing until we find some one. Brain from my last band is a possibility for lead guitar but we will meet just the 3 of us to talk it out and play.

Speaking of Brian, he is recording a CD and is going to pay me to do the drums for it. i called him yesterday and he said he was "walking into the studio". if nothing else, it sounds cool. he recorded 3 tracks at Grandmaster Studio's yesterday. he wants me to swing by his place so he can play me the stuff and get me a CD and then pay me to come to this studio and i will play for it. if nothing else, it sounds fun. i guess he is doing the guitar parts and vocals. i remember him singing in our previous band. If nothing else, it should be scarey.

i think that does it for now. PEACE I'M OUTTA HERE!

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