Monday, October 13, 2008

to many projects in one room....

okay...let me explain. so the wall has no drywall. after the big storm, we had a large amount of water come in through a couple of places. long story short i had to remove the paneling and do some work. i just need to get some old paneling or ideally some drywall and get it hung. sounds easy enough. right...... the silver snare drum is one acquired from a trade. the shop vac is just an all round cleaning (not that you can tell) mostly from the wall project.) the bare shell on the left side also has another smaller shell in it. that was a project that started oh....6 years ago. never wanted to spend the money to get it where it needed to be. there they will sit. i still hope some day. the three red drums are the new kit that replaced the old kit. the new kit is from Jan 1966 replacing the old kit from Feb 1993. the cymbal on the ground is from a sale that fell through so it was on the rack on the left but i had to get a chair out so i had to move it. yeah it looks bad. i need a warehouse. thank goodness the Gretsch kit is at Jeff's!!!!

Some pics of the new kit....

Still running. i ran 3.25 Friday and 6.0 on Saturday. 10k in 2 weeks in Ft. Wayne and i am really looking forward to that. obviously i want to improve my time from Chicago. we'll see how that goes. this race was described as "scenic" which to me means "hilly". i have these next 2 weeks to get all ready.
Gotta run.

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