Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Day. i post again

Top O' the day to ya. just reporting my fine Saturday. On Saturday, my good buddy Joe (Jo Jo) and i drove over to Notre Dame to take in a football game. it was 1-9 Duke against the sad sad 1-9 Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. I had the luxury of driving over to the university in Jo Jo's wonderful new 2007 silver (yes this pic is Black) Chevrolet Trailblazer SS AWD. this is a Corvette with a bench seat. it was really nice. so we fine dined at our normal hang, Macri's deli. it was a bit disapointing. my normaal sandwich, the Turkey Bacon club, had been removed from the menu. now they do most of there sandwiches on a build-your-own basis. so be it, we aren't dealing with any tricky ingredients. TURKEY. BACON. okay, build a way. i had water (with lemon) to drink. my bill came. a sandwich that was $5.75 was $8.95. i did add the fries for $0.99 but i was a little upset about that. note to self, watch very carefully as to what you order. i never looked at the menu, i just ordered. when i told him what i wanted, he just said that it was now a build your own. okay, thats fine. only to find out, no it's not. so a little lighter in the potch potch, we head over to the university. we park at the general parking and again, we loose money. $20 to park. Ouch, that hurts. So we walk with the intent of finding 2 different talegates. One we never found so we had to resort to my definate second choice. Older guy that i don't really care for his company. we will call him the "Duckman". so the "duckman" finds me and waves me over (like i can go anywhere). He offers myself and my fellow man a drink. we accept. he opens his whole table up to our feasting flavor. we start with a simple cookie. Chocolate chip. lovely. we move on to a trickier item, the brownie. nice. good texture. even an outside edge and it is still soft and chewy. we move on to a item in a still working hot plate. appears to be a mini burrito chicken type thing. ICE COLD. we stuck to beer and cookies. so we grabbed a traveler and headed to the game. we arrive about 5 minutes before kick off. beign Senior Day, it was held up a bit. Balmy 43 degrees with a breeze at 6 mph. slight crap falling from the sky. nothing major. i would love to say that the heaven's opened, it turned 72 with a non sun burn sun but it just kept crapping on us. the game was fairly uneventful. i did purchase the $5.00 hot cocoa with traveler mug and a nacho's and cheese (it's a must). so about 2 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter Jo Jo and i headed out. at that point ND was winning 7-0. as we were walking out we heard a large cheer and the game went to 14-0. we ended up meeting my family at Hacienda after a quick run through at Best Buy (no purchases) all in all, it was a fun Saturday.
did i mention that Georgia won? Go Dawgs!!!!

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