Monday, November 12, 2007

After a lovely weekend, i am back at work

Hello all. it has been a while. long enough that i havn't blogged about my weekends for a couple weekends. over the weekend of November 3/4 the family took Friday off and we made our first trip with Marley to my sisters/aunts house. this "/" does not mean that we are hill billies and that is the same person, that "/" means that it is 2 people. THERE ARE NO CIRCLES IN OUR FAMILY TREE. anyways, it was my nephews birthday and so we went to celebrate that. Layla went down with my parents and stayed at Aunt Kendra's. she thought that was the greatest thing under the sun. E. and i took Marley down. she, like Layla was, is no fan of the car. she did a great job. Slept from South Bend to Kokomo and when she woke up, she was a very happy baby. the weekend went great and it was ice to be out of the house and Elkhart. it had been before Marley was born since we had gone on a trip. Marley didn't do as well on the way home but oh well, whatcha gonna do. it's over now.

This weekend, Rob came into town. the goal was to work on the stave drum project. Stave drums are no different from regular drums but the shell is a bunch of vertical chunks of wood instead of plies going around each other. this is something that we have been talking about for a while. Rob has done a lot of research on the jig assembly and i am working on the woods and pricing. it is a small venture but something that i think we could have fun with and maybe sell them on eBay for some okay money. once you buy the tools to make the shells, your only money going into these is for the wood, which can be very cheap and the selling price is normally about $140 a shell. you should always make $100 on a shell. if it doesn't work you really arn't out very much. Friday night i picked up Rob at Stacy's and we went over to get the wood that Doug had bought for Rob to get it to my house. Well, first thing i see is a beautiful Sonor kit. i love Sonor's. i didn't love the finish, but the kit was SO nice. it was one of very few that i thought i would be willing to trade my beloved Round Badge Gretsch for. to find out, Doug traded HIS Gretsch for it. i thik that will come back to bite him later. So we went out to load the wood, only to find out that there is NO WAY this is all fitting in the Vue. So we left empty handed. Rob and Craig would come back the next day to get it. Rob came over in the morning and we did some research together and then Rob spilled my coffee only to find out that Layla ratted us out to my wife later. She's going to be a problem, i can see it now. so at 2 we met at Craig's to start the jig building. we didn't get very far into it but i think that it was a good start and that this will make us want to work on it more.

After working on that for a couple hours we all went our ways and then regrouped at "the Vine" in Elkhart. It was very good. we split a bottle of wine, we split an appentizer, everyone had their own food and then we got 4 different deserts and just kept passing them around the table. It was a lot of fun. it seems like it has been a while since we had doen that with the 2 other couples. It was kind of surprising how good the food was. we had been to thte Vine in South Bend and i don't remember thinking that the food there was taht great. it was also neat sitting with Craig becasue his firm did the designing of this building so we talked architecure a lot. after stuffing ourselves, we went back to the McD's and played guy's vs. girls Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. BURT REYNOLDS!!!!
Tonight we have Layla's first parent / teacher confrence. Yes, she's 3.

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