Wednesday, May 09, 2007

band update

here is a cool shot of Shawn doing a solo during Rebel Yell. We will be auditioning 2 new singers in the next 2 weeks. One is a singer / guitarist and the other is a singer only. Shawn knows both of them so it is just a matter of getting together and trying them out. Shawn and Brian will test them and then after they make their decision, i will come in for the final audition and we will go out from there. i am really pulling for the combo man rather than the singer only. from what i am hearing, the combo man is the better singer anyways, but we will have to see. maybe i will need to edit this is the other guy pans out. obviously there is nothing scheduled so we have some time to work with. the time off will be good with Marley coming on the 22nd. Rob's bachelor party is this weekend and right now the weather is calling t-storms so that could dampen the golf experience. hope everyone is good. i just played my last time a Granger church for a while. decided that 1 band was enough with a new baby and this new one could be a money maker, so i felt it was the best decision. i will miss the GCC time, but i hope to get back there again. what else, oh i havn't run in like a week and the Sunburst is closing in, maybe i will get crackin' soon. later

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