Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bach party, life, fatherhood

Hello all. things are moving right along. one week from today, i will be a father again. very excited. i am sure more so than Layla is. probably not as much as Elizabeth is to be done with this. all in all, things there are doing well. now at the opposite end of that, E.'s step mother is not doing well in the hospitol but we keep praying and she is hanging in there.

last weekend was Rob's bachelor party. we had a great time. 9 of us went golfing in the morning at a long playing course in Fisher's right by Rob's house. very fun. we then played 4 rounds of Beer Pong which i am proud to say that my partner, Curt McD and i took home the championship with a 4 game sweep of all competition. Jeff and i were partnered up and shot an exhasting 84, which is still way better than if we would have tried on our own. we then went to the Ram and ate. Stacy bought the table a round of the beer sampler which was super cool. thank you Stacy. we also had 3 beer towers which are like mini taps that hold like 90 oz. so we all shared those. it was good to see some people that i havn't seen in years. i havn't seen Robb Dure since he got me in trouble getting me drunk 10 years ago, i ahvn't seen Grant since...well i don't know, but i probably got in trouble for that too! it was good to meet some new people and meet some of Rob's co-workers. Nick is insane. He's just sayin'. thats all i am sayin'. all in all, things went very well. Band life continues. here we go. we are officially up to 4 singing canidates. 1 is a girl and we havn't followed up with her at all. of the 3 guy's 1 is new to the talks and only 1 has picked up his 20 song CD. the last one is the one that i was originally rooting for because he is a singer and guitar player. i don't kow if any one has hunted him down or not. the new one sounds like a good option from what i am hearing. it just dawned on me that i still haven't gotten a picture up of Penny, the new snare drum. i have used her in practice that last couple times. still very impressed. well i need to do something and get this posted, so i will catch ya'll later.

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Stacy said...

Coming soon to Stacy's blog...a follow up to the events that occured during the bachelor party...
"Where did this dead tree in the middle of the street come from?"