Friday, July 11, 2008

Things have changed

Everything. okay, it's been a while since i posted so i must back up. We sold our house. it sold in 31 days. then i took a while to get to closing but we sold. we made more on it than we expected. either way we closed. we Bought a house. we closed the day after we closed on the house we sold. We painted. EVERYTHING. My mother painted. EVERYTHING ELSE. so yeah, lots of paint was involved in the buying of this house. we have more to come. Layla has done fairly well with the switch but Marley has struggled a bit. Thursday then the family went down for our annual Forth of July visit to Noblesville. Layla was a fish. the girl that doesn't normally like to be wet / cold / splashed and all the stuff that goes with it, we couldn't keep her out of the pool or at least asking all the time. the only other thing that held her over was going on boat rides. she had fun. I got away on Friday for a bit and ran (drove) over to Rob's and I got to work on some snare shells. we cut edges on 4 Bamboo shells and glued up 2 of them. then we had the big party at my Aunt Paula's. Saturday Elizabeth and I went back to Rob and Stacy's house and the four of us went to the John Mayer concert that evening. Good show. i am guessing that i liked it better than the others but i think everyone had a good time. i will not say that it was the most impressive concert that i have ever been to but i still really enjoyed it. Once again i am listening to the Raconteurs live shows again. i found one that i was able to download (podcast) through NPR. sounds like another slick show. i would really like to see them sometime. they have pics posted of this show at the 9:30 Club in D.C. the guy that took the pics is pretty friggin good. he goes by Kingpinphoto.

Then to top it all off, on Thursday morning Elizabeth fell down the new steps carring to much laundry and has a second degree sprain of the left ankle. AND she didn't finish the laundry. GEEZ! So mom and dad to the rescue again. THANK YOU (AGAIN)

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