Monday, June 09, 2008

First post in a while.

Sorry for not posting more. things have been busy with all the housing stuff going on. We have finally started packing. that is a pain in the butt. i see why we were avoiding it. the garage is fairly well packed. I spent about 6 hours aver at the house on 15 getting paint stripped and mom stopped by and started painting. amazing how much better it looks so quickly and easily. it has been nice to meet the guy selling (Jason). seems like a good fellow. he seemed okay with us getting into the house the week after he gets moved out and right before we close to let us paint a couple rooms. that would be sweet. we'll see. so at this point we are moving on the 28th!!!!
my new musical drug is the Raconteurs. Jack White of the White Stripes is the lead guy but shares a lot of duties with another guy in the band. Good stuff.
okay. that's it for now.

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