Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My newest listening adictions

Well folks, if you know me, you know that i am one of those poeple that once i like a song, i can still listen to that 1 song for eight hours straight and listen to it again. i do NOT burn out on good songs. right now i have 2 full albums that i can't get enough of.

Album number one is John Mayer, Continuum. this just won a grammy for Best Male Pop Artist. the song on there that i just can't stop listening to is track 9, a Hendrix song, Bold as Love.

The second album that i can't get enough of is the Foo Fighters, Skin and Bones. This also has a great DVD but he really needs a language filter on it. the DVD has 5 extra songs and all the extra bantor which is definatly nice however (see previous statement) the songs on that that are really attracting me are tracks 4-5 which are Marigold and My Hero, track 9 that Taylor sings called "Cold Day in the Sun" and the last track that is Everlong. Well, thats it for now.


Jeff Kamp said...

Cool love the FOH board (light board maybe???) picture....guitar is pretty cool too.

brent said...

Yeah, it is the FOH. if you click on my pictures they will blow up so you can see them better. that was my first experience with multiple pics. just need to work on not centering them when they are halfway through a blog.