Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here is the latest in the band situation: the More than Song band played a really good show last Sunday to what seemed to be a fairly interested crowd of about 50. no major flaws. things went pretty well. the Liquid Reason band pulled it's opening oppritunity with Blammo because the club that we were playing at is shutting down (again). From what i am told, and stay with me here, the White House has been bought again by a friend of the dad of a guy in Blammo so they are doing like 5 shows in February out there, so i think that we might try out there. When Blank Slate was alive and KICKING ASS we played 3 nights up there (and they even called us for 2 of them!) so it was under major renovations then so i guess it is leaps and bounds ahead of were it was at then now so we'll just have to wait and see. as you can tell the picture above is finally the Green Gretsch that Doug has on a loaner program for me. i took so pics of that car amp that want to sell to try and buy it. it has a great sound to it so i really want to get it and at $500 it is really a good investment. Tonight i have the Notre Dame game to go to with Jeff. they are playing Alabama who is ranked 4th / 5th. Should be a blow out but i think that ND has played well latley so you never know. I tend to make the Irish lose so i mould still put my bet on the Fighting Elephants of Bama. ROLL TIDE! It has snowed like crazy today and it is a 9:00 start time so that kind of sucks but it should dtill be a good outing. Sometime this weekend i will probably get over to Mom and Dad's to get there treadmill. i ran Tuesday after work and went a full 2.25 miles with no stops but on ice and snow, you have to really take your time and watch your step. looking forward to going before work again. i feel so much more tuned in. well....i suppose Yoder is probably looking for someone to yell at. i guess i should go volunteer. later!

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