Monday, May 15, 2006

My latest thoughts on the state of my drumming

DRUMS! my lord i love these creations of wood and metal with plastics and other random materials. I rebuilt my 6x14 Hand Hammered Steel this week. think that i tuned it in pretty well. After the show at Jeff's old church, i had some thoughts about reworking mine. I will be taking it to my friend Doug Lim's for a consultaion to get some ideas as to what i can do to it. Thinking that recutting the bearing edges will be a little dangerous since the wood is so crappy. Reheaded my kick drum with a clear Evans EMAD that i had on it for about a year before swithing to smooth white Powerstroke 3. the Evans has sharper attack. Will switch the heads on the toms back to Remo Coated Pinstripes. Put a Aquarian coated Sudio X with rings and power dot on the snare and set up my Pork Pie 6x10 aux. snare. Cymbals remain the same. I watched the Led Zeppelin DVD this weekend and was inspired to set up a little different and new locations. I get nervous remove memory locks because i love my rack so things are a little goofy but if i ever settle on a setup (NEVER!!!) then i will pull the memory locks. Recently been thinking about selling a bunch of equipment and stereo equipment and buyinbg a second kit to keep at Jeff's so i have a practice kit and tour kit and just transfer cymbals and what ever i feel like. This is all initial thoughts so bear with me. the kit i am thinking of is a Gretsch Catalina Mod in the silver and black sparkle finish. 20x22 kick, 9x12 tom and 14x16 floor. i have never seen the finish but i think "How can you screw up a sparkle?" Gotta run, thanks for reading

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Jeff Kamp said...

you can't gp wrong with sparkle